A few others

Tuesday, November 3, 2015


From beyond the curtains of existence,
Work the forceps of nature.
Here, where there were none,
Sautéed into fumes, spawns yet another world.

Invading the dark, scattered stardust,
Give chance a chance,
To feign this divine infinitude,
Of unreachable boundaries and transcending dimensions.

Clotting with time, the fabric of space,
Severed from it’s Creator,
Orders itself with great finesse.
As heavens collide, and colloids spin-off life.

Sentience builds, while vacuum fills up the rest.
Bound in essence, separated in space.
Every instance breathes life into another.
Like automatons, realization repeats itself all over again.


FrostBite said...

Good writing, I-man....its like a muscle, this.... needs to be exercised often to reach a good level...... this is a great start.....

Iman Mukherjee said...

Thank you Manan! Very true :) Need to exercising it more often now