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Tuesday, November 3, 2015


From beyond the curtains of existence,
Work the forceps of nature.
Here, where there were none,
Sautéed into fumes, spawns yet another world.

Invading the dark, scattered stardust,
Give chance a chance,
To feign this divine infinitude,
Of unreachable boundaries and transcending dimensions.

Clotting with time, the fabric of space,
Severed from it’s Creator,
Orders itself with great finesse.
As heavens collide, and colloids spin-off life.

Sentience builds, while vacuum fills up the rest.
Bound in essence, separated in space.
Every instance breathes life into another.
Like automatons, realization repeats itself all over again.

Friday, February 14, 2014



It wasn’t a drizzly Tuesday, but a torrential downpour, 
Of new stuff from the internet and old stuff in store. 
Pooling in with rare collections flooded the hubs galore. 
Members and owners had enough on their plates, but Yeh still maange more! 

Leeching all day in dark rooms, couldn’t exhaust their lists. 
Refuelled with even more; more sand spilled out of the fists. 
Time and seasons whizzed past, leaving bygones in a hazy mist. 
Few realized that exploiting it for RG was essentially the gist. 

Couldn't R.I.P. without the latest Blu-ray, HD or DVD-rips
Desperation would even lead to settling for morphed Cam-rips. 
Deliberately misspelling ‘pop corn’ became usual tongue-of-slips. 
Adding X's and M's to full version softies, e-books and comic strips. 

Taking the pain to sort their assets was a noble lot. 
Parasites with weird nicks just queued up with fewer slots. 
Infinite tutes, Guitar tabs and anything else they could easily spot, 
‘Downloading whole directories’ without even knowing what they really got. 

So useful a repo that it became the Oracle to a few. 
People hated graduating and the alumni revisits grew. 
Laden with outsider requests (& HDDs) left hosts in a stew. 

Shift+Delete this tonight, and promise to start tomorrow anew. 

Friday, August 20, 2010

Lit GC'10 : Creative writing

The first Literature competition of the year 2010. Creative writing.

Problem Statement:
Write a story or a poem in 200-1000 words.

Conditions: The piece should make sense when read from the first line to the last.

It should also make sense when you start reading from the beginning of the last paragraph onwards, i.e. a circular story.


1. Mary had a tiger.

2. The doctor was shocked.

3. This was something he hadn’t seen his whole life.

4. The doctor advised Mary to eat healthy to address her problem.

In the above example, treat every line as a paragraph. The second story begins from the last para, and goes in the order 4, 1, 2, 3. The catch here was the use of “had” instead of “eat” in the second story. You are obviously expected to do better.

A paragraph is defined as a minimum of 8 lines (verse) or 12 sentences (prose).

Use of flash-forwards and flashbacks is not allowed.


1. Double Entendre

2. The visitor

3. A half-remembered dream

4. The prophecy

5. The first _______

6. Checkmate

7. The affair

Word Limit: 200-1000 words

Time: 6.30 p.m – 10.30 p.m

I chose to write a poem [to save ink and time!] on 'The First _____' for the obvious amount of liberty in the blank!

The First Re-curS(i)onnet

Eyes open to a just another ‘Monday-ne’ morning,
The tube allows one last squeeze. (1)
And, since ‘with a Great shower, comes Great responsibilities’,
I rush to work like the monsoon breeze. (2)
Forever unknown to the office space,
I seat myself for my daily bread and cheese. (3)
Killing time between files and spreadsheets,
I eagerly await the clock to strike 6, please. (4)

But, it was to be a new evening I reckoned,
When my eyes locked another pair. (5)
Imagining the smiling lips sipping coffee,
I neared her skipping the last stair. (6)
Inviting her to hold me tight,
We sped through the traffic free of care. (7)

Near a café to her place,
We stopped by to grab a cup of coffee. (8)
And, while ‘a lot can happen over coffee’,
I started to re-iterate my lonely story. (9)
She too involves herself with such innocence, that
I’d like a “time-freeze”; temporary. (10)

- - - - - x - - - - -

We reached a point of silence,
Which broke with the blink her eyes make. (11)
I confessed how much I’d love to love her,
But only in my thoughts, for Christ’s sake! (12)
I waved at her as she walked away,
And thought of my happiness so fake. (13)
I knew she only needed a lift back home, and
I’d drop dead on bed with heartache. (14)

- - - - - x - - - - -

Friday, March 26, 2010

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Why... the calamities?

Why is the man mortal?
Why is the nature's strike so lethal?

Why does the earth quake?
Why does it swallow lives to put eternity at stake?

Why do hurricanes sweep the earthen floors?
Why does it scribble 'death' on the fate of crores?

Why do the shores let the water trespass?
Why is water called life if it sinks the whole mass?

Why does the Mother Nature revolt?
Is it her revenge against our greedy onslaught?

Sunday, December 14, 2008

It's not 8 p.m., but it still is time for F.R.I.E.N.D.S

The non-sense on T.V. doesn't bother me,
I keep gazing into the colourful nothing.
There's another empty couch next to mine,
But no one to share the pizza and pudding.

My senses alert; vigilance camouflaged,
Wait for the same old prank just once more.
And, if you do jump out of no where, I promise,
I will look horrified this time for sure.

The apartment seems so unnecessarily big,
I wonder why we kept bickering for room.
Everything you left behind, esp. the foosball table,
Floods my head with reminiscence and gloom.

Parting with friends is not easy, it never was.
Though distance doesn't slacken the bond,
the bond between bodies of the same soul,
the sole fear of losing it is true friendship - dawned.

I miss the high-fives,
The laughter,
The puzzles,
The gossips,
The recipes,
The take-turns...

And, I don't remember shaking hands the day you left :(


The long door-bell annoys me, but
Also gives me hope that I'd see you on the other side.
Behind all those packed boxes, I see you smiling.
I reach for the hug you owe me, with one long stride.

Boy! Am I glad, that the smiles are back,
The arguments heated,
The breakfast tasty,
The routine hasty,
And the TV makes sense again !

Sunday, November 16, 2008


Amongst all joys of life,
There lies one dreadful fear.
Is this the last mile I’m walking?
Is the end to the road near?

Oh! To let go of this life, I hold so dear...

There is so much left to learn,
So much left to see.
I have so many reasons to yearn,
So many reasons to be.

A lifelong appears so little to me...

Recalling the beautiful faces I’ve known,
Reliving the memories I cherish,
Realizing how considerably I’ve grown,
Into a man without a blemish,

Must say, life’s treated me well, before I finish...

The body is ephemeral,
Perishes to allow a brand-new face,
Unlike the soul, immortal,
Flourishes in void space.

Death is certain, vital, I shall punctually embrace.